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Articles Providing Invaluable Information to Help You with Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragon articles covering many important topics. Firstly allowing you to decide if a bearded dragon fits your lifestyle. Then, if so, proper techniques, including what to do and what not to do to give the best care for a long and happy life together. Happy reading!

Is a Bearded Dragon the Right Pet for You?

Is a Bearded Dragon the Right Pet for You?


Before buying your first bearded dragon, check out the pros and cons (mostly pros) about bearded dragons so you can make an informed decision. Read More…


Interesting Facts You MUST Know About Bearded Dragons

Interesting Facts about Beardies


Check out these interesting facts about beardies to further help you in deciding if a bearded dragon is a suitable pet for you. Read More…


A Must Read Before You Raise a Baby Bearded Dragon

Baby Bearded Dragons


Baby bearded dragons are much more fragile than adults. They need special nutrients and lighting that are much more critical to babies than to adults. If these are not provided, your beardie could have severe health issues or even die. Learn the facts BEFORE you buy a baby, so you are fully prepared. Read More…


Do You Want More Than One Beardie?

Should You Own More than One Beardie?


Before you buy more than one bearded dragon, make sure you know the best way to house them, if you are putting multiple dragons together. Determine if you have enough time for multiple beardies. And other helpful facts. Read More…


Ensure You are Providing a Proper Home for Your Dragon

Great Bearded Dragon Housing to Make a Happy Beardie


Before you go crazy on unnecessary items for your beardie, you MUST read this so you are in the know. Do not allow yourself to persuaded to buy items the pet store wants to sell that you may not need. Read More…


Know What Food to Feed Your Dragon for Ultimate Health and Happiness

Feeding Bearded Dragons


Feeding your dragon the correct food and proper amount is important to know so you can keep your beardie not only healthy and alive, but also happy. Providing your beardie with the wrong food can lead to health issues and even death. Don’t assume food that is good for you is good for your bearded dragon. Read More…


Great Tips – How to Correctly Handle and Groom Your Bearded Dragon

How to Handle and Groom Your Beardie


You do not want to incorrectly handle your bearded dragon or neglect to give the proper grooming. This can lead to an agitated beardie who could get sick and even cause you pain! Read More…


Common Health Identifiers

Common Health Identifiers


A straight-forward guide on the health issues your bearded dragon may face. Read More…


Why Isn’t My Bearded Dragon Eating?

My Beardie is Not Eating?


Investigate the reasons your beardie is not eating. Some are common so there is no need for worry. Others need a knowledgeable vets attention immediately! Read More…



Beardie Sleeping or Brumation?


Brumation defined. Essential facts provided for this natural occurrence. Read More…

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