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Bearded Dragon: Me and My “Beardie”

Bearded Dragon - A Suitable Pet?

Bearded dragon, A unique, curious, and if you can even imagine, very affectionate lizard who loves to interact with his human counterparts. Affectionately called a "beardie" by his owners.


I have many types of pets at home. The common and typical house pets - the cat (independent and stand-offish) and the dog (ever faithful companion). The outdoor varieties - the goat, the chicken, and the horse. In addition there are also some unusual ones - Madagascar Hissing cockroaches (which beardies love to eat), the iguana, the corn snake, the tarantula, and the sugar glider.

Yes, our household is very diverse ... even have a husband thrown into the mix. Each member is unique bringing to the table his or her own interesting characteristics and personality, But the most interesting among the pets (added to keep the hubby happy!) is the bearded dragon. This lizard is (yes, really) affectionate, Just interact with a beardie to see for yourself.

An Excellent Exotic

A quiet, unobtrusive pet whose curiosity rivals Pandora and whose affectionate nature is counter-intuitive to its intriguing and somewhat primitive appearance. Counter to its appearance, it has a wonderful temperament, possessing a quizzical expression that beguile its extraordinary level of intelligence. The bearded dragon makes the ideal house pet, especially for smaller children. Most noteworthy, the beardie possesses these traits:

  • A smaller size as compared to the green iguana and the tegu.
  • A diet consisting of a mixture of crickets, a small amount of other "safe" insects, and a daily salad made from "safe" vegetables and fruits.
  • Requires little taming or training to make calm and easy to handle, since slow and quiet are innate traits.
  • An affectionate and curious personality.

The bearded dragon prefers your company most of the time, likes to partake in socializing, and even appears to listen to you and acknowledge what you are saying! So, this very intriguing companion embraces your presence and provides enjoyable interactions every day.

Seeking Public Attention? ... Just Bring Your Bearded Dragon

For those who like to bask in the limelight, bring your beardie. All attention turns toward you. Just go out to the park or the beach with your beardie harnessed and leashed. Soon you find yourself entertaining a plethora of questions, actually holding people at bay, Everyone is curious and wants to pet or even hold your unique and exotic pet.

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