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Check out the products on this page and if you find them useful or fun, please purchase through my link. These are affiliate links that I have taken the time to check out so you have the best experience possible and merchandise that reflects your love for your beardie.


Reptile Supplies and Supplements, PLUS the highest quality Captive Bred Reptiles for sale online! Reptiles of various ages, including bearded dragon morphs. Key benefits include an on-site Biologist, optimal packaging based on the time of year, year-round overnight shipping via Fedex & UPS, and a 7-Day Health Guarantee. You can be confident that your beardie will arrive in tip-top condition and in the best of health.

Transform Your Bearded Dragon Picture Into a Work of Art at Orchid Otter Media
or contact them by clicking here to let them know what you want them to design.

Custom Reptile Habitats believes that pet reptiles deserve a great habitat in which to live and thrive. They offer unique, high quality, unique products that they hand-select to provide their customers with great habitat choices. They also have a vast knowledge of and experience with herps, so the information helps keep pet reptiles healthy and their owners well-informed. is committed to all aspects of reptile and amphibian care and enjoyment. They continuously find and offer their customers the best products available.

Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson is the author or co-author of 10 kids' books about getting, caring for and enjoying pets. I Want a Bearded Dragon is a bearded dragon book for children and first-time pet owners. It simply outlines what it's really like to have a pet beardie, how to get one and how to care for your new pet. It teaches responsible pet care and how to enjoy your new pet safely in simple terms specifically designed so children comprehend for easy application. Beardies love to hang out with people and kids as young as eight or nine can care for their new pet, with just a bit of guidance from an adult. This is a must have book for anyone who has children and a bearded dragon!


Available in more colors.

Available in more colors.

7 oz. Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Travel Mug Cup Bearded Dragon Lizard (Purple)

Leather Magnetic Smart Case Cover Stand for Apple iPad Bearded Dragon Lizard (for iPad Air 2, Hot-Pink)

Apple iPhone 360° Full Body Thin Slim Hard Case Cover + Tempered Glass Screen Protector Bearded Dragon Lizard (Black For iPhone 7) - Available in other colors

Samsung Galaxy (Note 8) Shockproof Impact Hard Soft Case Cover Bearded Dragon Lizard (Rose Gold) - Available in other colors.

Clear Shockproof Protective Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone Bearded Dragon Lizard (Orange, for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Samsung Galaxy Shockproof Impact Hard Soft Case Cover Bearded Dragon Lizard (Fuchsia, for Samsung Galaxy S10e)

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